Wednesday, January 4, 2017


 Yes there are many different interpretations of staircase designs. Here are rather more "down-to-earth" ones. Have a look and see if you would agree! 

taf architecture

taf architecture

A great solution for narrow spaces, a modern interpretation of staircases in small sail boats. 
So cool, yet you should always start with the correct feet otherwise it turns out to be a nightmare to go up or down the stairs!


So simple and neat. It is only the wood slabs on top of the white base! 

2 3 things

The door seems to be a natural continuation of the wooden stairs. Just like a big tree trunk laying inside the room!


It is always a good idea to use the stairs as a storage area!


One very cool design is used as a moduar piece to create this lovely monument-like staircase.

design sponge

Especially if you have small kids in the house, this would be a fun staircase!

jolie pop

Don't ever come home drunk. 
Otherwise you might end up in a hospital, seriously injured!