Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Take a shower inside a yacht? It shouldn't be frightening you at all. 
The bathrooms of big yachts are far more luxurious, safe and chic than in 5 star hotels.


Bacarella has this marvelous bathroom with a big jakuzzi inside. The focal point is the beautiful stone-like wall cover which is accented by the spot lights above. The little details of greenery also make a nice splash of color.


Anothe bathroom area in the same yacht. Here we see a a nice big shower area that reminds us of a Turkish bath.

vive la vie

A modern touch in the bathroom of this yacht where the base for the tub extends into the shower area, creating a seating unit. This little detail also connects two wet areas that are seperated by a glass wall.

lsx 92

The sauna at the back is reached through this bathroom space that also houses a nice shower area with a seating unit inside. The vanity with two sinks enables the bathroom to be personalized as well.


The sink which also is the focal point in this photo is quite interesting. Two different materials, the counter top and the cupboards make a nice combination. The well-lit shelves add a sparkle to the bathroom, where the fiddles and holding bars are nicely interpreted as a part of the whole design.