Wednesday, December 14, 2016


How would it be to minimize the colors used in the kitchens?
Thinking that the goods inside the kitchen bring the color inside already?
Check these out!

that kitchen

Dominant color is pure black in this kitchen, yet it is so elegant and cool. The glass table with white chairs create a balance with the bold black cupboards of the kitchen here.


The blackboard paint is the number one coolness in this kitchen for sure! Having one wall with that paint makes it pop out and gives this kitchen a big warmth.

that kitchen

Dominance in whites, marbles and ceramic tiles add texture in the area. Little green details pop out and create a softer atmosphere.

that kitchen

Modern, cool, black and white!


Same colors used as the samples above, yet a very different atmosphere achieved. The black and white photos in the walls make the small kitchen very stylish...