Friday, December 16, 2016


Are you bored of your blank walls? 
Do you want to cheer the interiors of your home at a low cost? 
You know that it is very much possible only with carefully selected artwork to hang on your walls.

design files

For example here, the little paintings on the wall dance with the colorful glass accessories in a great harmony.  And this harmony is not so difficult to achieve...

a cup of jo

Could any other pictures be more cute than these ones here? You can find pictures like this or else from the internet; get them printed and framed in one day. Looks very cool and stylish, a great choice for a boy's room. 

design sponge

The texture of the wall itself is more than enough to add a stylish atmosphere in this living room. So enhancing it with two shades of color is a very clever choice that is made for this space.

design sponge

Black and white details on the wall and on the floor. 
No need to push hard, just go plain and simple, that's more than enough. 

design sponge

The simple lines in the pictures match well with the throws on the sofa...
Little details create the good design.


The soft colors on the wall match perfectly with the colors of the seating units. As in this example, it is not necessary to hang up expensive and valuable artwork on your walls. Only simple colors could also do a great deal.

black e

It is always a great choice to hang maps on the walls. The bigger, the better. 
They look adorable, they are educative and also enable you to dream dream dream....