Monday, September 19, 2016


There is no place that wood would not go with. To be honest, the best place for it is the forest itself! 
Let's keep that aside and focus on the wood panellings inside the houses, to be even more specific; inside the bedrooms.

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By looking at this photo shortly, we can assume that this is a Scandinavian house. The blonde kids, minimal furniture design, the fireplace and the wide wooden pieces give that way...
The wall should be a structural one here, it does not look like an interior cladding at all.


Although the colors are "cold" in this bedroom, the wood that is used gives a great warmth. That's mainly because the wood is used in a very natural way. 


The same room from a different angle of view. Just compare the two walls, one with the wainscotting, the other in pure white. 

solid frog

The wall panelling is not natural here at all, its painted in gray all over. But still, the room has such a cozy atmosphere. The multi layers of fabrics, the puffy rug on the floor does help to create this feeling.

solid frog

So simple and cool, right? White wall panelling make a good background to this nice piece of furniture.

solid frog

Doesn't it have the kind of sleeping-inside-the-tree feeling?
Well, no problem, it is still cute...

wood love
This may be the coolest of all. The space seems to be a semi-open area, with a tilted wooden paneled wall that is definitely a structural one, with a nice forest outside. A great place for napping during the day!