Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Summer has almost ended, right? But does that mean that we also end our dreams? No way.
Let me take you onboad some amazing decks today...

Alfa Nero

If you are on board this 82m beautiful megayacht you can spend some time in the infinity pool, or have something to eat under the umbrellas on the upper deck and if you are still bored, you can go up one more deck to get a splash in the jakuzzi. What a difficult life!


And though the names are similar, this is a totally different yacht, called Nero. The vast front deck is an ideal place to relax, use the jakuzzi with the enormous view, and to socialize with friends.


It is quite difficult to understand why you need a pool while you are surrounded by the sea, but its an essential feature of a megayacht, and there are of course reasons for that. What's more, here the pool is quite high from the sea, so that's one of the reasons! 

To have a view inside the bar area while you are resting in the jakuzzi!


May be an intense use of yellow but all the functions are perfect. An open bar area, a jakuzzi, wide sunbathing area. That's all we need!

Lady Sheridan

Again some yellows, but looks to be more balanced. The glass on the deck could be a peeking point to the lower deck, but it looks to be fixed. A lovely area to relax and have fun.

Yes she is big! She is 162 meters long! That is something! The waterfall coming down from the pool is something, but still the proportions are a bit difficult to get used to! 


And now here are some "smaller" yacht decks! Relatively small but still very roomy and relaxing. Have a look at these last photos and pick your favorite one! 


Tiger Blue


Find a way to spend your time on the sea, if you can! You will not regret that.