Monday, August 29, 2016


How many diffent types of vases do you have?
Do you buy flowers according to your vases?
Weird questions? 
Well, may be. But have a look at the vase designs below, you will understand what I am trying to say...

Reminding Milan's famous vertical garden building, this vase is kind of an ironic interpretation of a tree. The trunk with some holes here and there, have become the house for different species of plants.

Swings well may be a flower pot holder. Right in front of the window, they will get a very good day light and also will look so cute from the outside.

Why not use a bunch of daisies as table weights for the outdoors? Beautiful, functional and way too cute.

Very easy to make, this is kind of a diy project. Just collect different sizes of bottles and wrap colorful wool strings around them. A cheap and easy-to-make decoration for your dining table.

Combining two functions. Say goodbye to your house through a flower while you take your coat right before leaving home...

Not only flower pots but also a lovely wall decoration!

A different approach to make a potpourri!

Simple yet very cute.

Dry flowers fit in the glass tubes are way too cool!