Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Yes, below are three different wheelhouses with the same style. You can also call it the trademark of the shipyard that is visible in the wheelhouse, where is the brain of a superyacht.

So here is "Blue Princess Star", from Baglietto. She is 34 meters with a full beam of 7,4 meters. She can sail up to 34 knots, let's say she flies above water!
The wheel console resembles a car console, only quite bigger in size.
Please take a look at the design of the wheel, with the amblem of the shipyard in the middle... 

Here is another blue from Baglietto, This time her name is "Blue Scorpion".
Her overall length is 54 meters, with a beam of 10.4 meters. She is quite big!
The wheelhouse is clean, neat, simple and equipped with high technology!

The last example is from the yacht "Monokini". 
Overall length is 44 meters with a maximum beam of 8.3 meters. 
She houses 11 guests and 8 crews.

But please go over the details of the wheelhouses in the three examples. They all have the same clean cut lines, the same wheel with the amblem of the shipyard, same scheme of color, which actually is kind of a "must" in the wheelhouse but still they have the same atmosphere.
And this works as a trademark of the shipyard, and it's so cool!