Tuesday, April 5, 2016


There are some places that you do not realize if you are indoors or outdoors. If your house has a semi open space like this, or if you are close to one of these places, this means you are quite lucky...

And you are even luckier if this semi-open space has an enormous view! 

This is a typical country house made of logs. The wide and long porch is also very cool. But what counts even more, is the marvelous view it has lying in front.


A simpler, more stylish, neat terrace here. The glass panels are a great choice when you are right on top of the sea! The building is also enclosed by ceiling to floor glasses with the structural columns inside.


This is may be the most interesting terrace among the others. You have the wide lounge area where you can have refreshing naps, the wild landscape, the marvelous sea and also a pool right at your feet.

Both indoors and outdoors. The low back sofas are a good choice for this living room.

Rest and relax in front of the turquoise Aegean Sea in the white benches here...

This terrace looks like it belongs to a cold climate area. But it must be such a calming and soothing place to spend your time in. With this big stone bbq-fireplace, lovely atmosphere could be created here.

The choice of carpet is quite impressive. It's used in such a clever way that it looks as if it's the continuation of the beautiful sea. The design in stripes, the scheme of the color, its just a perfect choice.

This is the nature's cantilever above the sea...