Monday, March 14, 2016


One of the main feature of a yacht is that she is considered to be a kind of floating home. 
Well not in all but in some aspects it's true. 
Especially one of the many features that a yacht holds, is to eat on board. And obviously this function requires a galley, so called a floating kitchen! 

AB 58

This galley belongs to a fast 58 f yacht and the design is quite modern, simple. It's possible to see that everything hides away while cruising fast, so no spilling, falling occurs... Only the sharp corner of the coffee table looks a bit hazardous, but that's out of the galley, so we do not mind about it for the time being! 


This is a galley that is situated inside a sail yacht of 19 meters. Does it seem hard to believe? No problem, it's a catamaran...With all that almost square main salon, you can fit this spacious galley with no problem. The only problem would be to use wide areas of stainless steel, inside the yacht, especially close to the wheelhouse, but I am sure the countertops are not real steel, just have the same looks... 


The galley of a 72 f motor yacht, not going fast as the first one but still very cool...Two different wood is used for the interior and cleverly the light colored one is used for the galley. Since it's a smaller space and generally not as tidy and clean as seen in the photo, when in use... 


Another yacht of a serial... Top and bottom cupboards are in different materials, which is a clever decision. It brings an interesting feature in the galley corner, eliminates the feeling of a standart galley but looks like a continuation of the other areas in the boat. Since the finishes used are all present in the other areas which are already seen in this little photo as well...


Another glorious galley this time from Pershing Yachts. All the lighting is creating a different effect in the area, that's for sure. The island that's extending to the middle of the area, the prof galley equipments, the fine, clean-cut finishes are all different parts of  the same concept..


Anyone who knows a little about Wally Yachts, would be able to recognize this photo I believe. This galley belongs to a 24m sail yacht by Wally, carrying many of the features that the shipyard has. Difficult perfect connections of the cupboards, eliminating any excess detail, glossy finish with sea-friendly details... Being highly modern but never forgetting that she is a sail yacht, on the sea...