Monday, November 23, 2015


There are some equipments and accessories that we see everyday, use everyday. But not necessarily they look beautiful. Their function is what we only care about generally. 
But tell me, wouldn't it be cool to have nicely designed accessories which are at the same time, functional enough?

This is one little whale for all... Holding the pens, papers, paper clips and still looks so cool...

The colored pencils right from the nature to your office! Also the way to sharpen the tips are done with a knife, that's a nice little detail.

It looks like all the dots are lazy, tired and falling downwards. You still can count the numbers, so why worry?

You can also add small notes in this cute little glass :)

The wave shape is very convenient for this purpose. And if you also use blue colored tape, this little thing will make you wonder about surfing during the day! 

Watch out and do not throw away to the garbage bin by mistake. This is a usb hidden inside the cork!