Monday, August 17, 2015


It does not matter if it's a waterfall, a lake, a sea or even a swimming pool.
If you are at a house which overlooks water; that house definitely has the feeling of freedom and freshness...
In winter or in summer; they are always marvelous...

source unknown

The snow paints the view in a great lovely pure white...Also sitting inside the house in front of these wide glasses and watch outside shall be a great joy as well... 

source unknown

Isn't this one of the best views ever! You have all the beauties of the nature just outside your window.

source unknown

You get a bit dizzy while looking at this photo! However, it must be one kind of an experience to be swimming at that height. And I believe that place would be quite windy as well... 

You have the ocean, you have the pool and you have the bar... What else do you need?

Isn't this just a lovely building! The house that is set in the middle of the pool, overlooking the wild sea. A house just like an eagle's nest.

And last but not the least, would you consider living in this house which is constantly having a shower?