Thursday, July 23, 2015


It is unfortunately not possible to use bike in everyday life in some cities. But in many, bikes are used as much as cars. However even if you cannot use bikes in your daily life, it shouldn't really stop you enjoying biking!
Just check out these creative bike designs and dream of your own bike!

Would you think of having a wooden bike? May be not so practical, but please have a look at this piece of art, isn't this just so beautiful?

This is definitely a great great design!

This bag is both useful to stack at the back of your bike and also as a hand bag. What's more you can just roll it on the back neatly when it is emptied.

Designwise, there is nothing much different in this bike may be. But the bike being white all over, goes great with the brown leather details...

This is a great design, isn't it? This is a lovely idea to carry your picnic equipment around, stacked inside the bike!


Let it be red! A bike that is all white with red wheels! Isn't this just so lovely! Just do not get it dirty.  

For people with kids, this is a great solution. You do not get tired, and the kid may enjoy outdoors more! 

All photos are from PINTEREST which is a great platform to search for new ideas...