Monday, July 6, 2015


Yes the summer is almost here! At least for some people on one side of the globe!
You may not have a summer house but it should not stop you on dreaming of owning one.
Well at least it does not stop me!
So let me share with you some photos that I like which shows the entrances of several different summer houses. 

Well the view that lies in front of the door is amazing, that is for sure.
May be it will not be possible to have a big big tree right at that spot but you may have some white painted walls and wide planks of wooden floors, why not?

The wickerwork accessories definitely are the best features of a summer kind of interior.

The decoration on the floor is just so amazing. And I have to add that I adore the little hangers on the wall!  

Don't you also love the raw wood details for a summer house interior?

The shades of blue are kind of mandatory for a summer house interior. And as long as they are combined with white painted wood, then you definitely create a Greek type of interior.