Monday, July 20, 2015


If the weather is good enough to be outdoors, you definitely should take a chair and table to eat outside! Refreshing open air, long talks on the table, the view in front...Yes shall not be passed.

You can dress your solid wood table in shades of blue and feel yourself on the seaside in a minute. Combine the country style with the beach style, get a whole new and refreshing atmosphere in your house... 

It's a more formal area but still a great view! Did you also notice the upholstery that looks like grass on the corner of the balcony?

This area is divided into two with the functions it holds. The semi open space has the dining area the open space has the lounge. But here please pay attention to the lighting above the huge and lovely table. Aren't these candles so lovely? 

Tables are inviting, the setting is so lovely, no more words are needed...

source unknown

If you once sit on this table, I guarantee that you will not so easily leave it for sure. Under these trees, with all the fragarance and the cool breeze...Wow.

It is not always possible to find a garden unfortunately! If you are in the city, you may be lucky enough to get a terrace for yourself and decorate in pink!

Or you get the balcony and decorate in whites!...

The final one is again from a garden. The country style table setting is so inviting, relaxed and stylish!