Friday, July 17, 2015


For some, yachting belongs to only the summer season, but for others the season for yachting never ends. Here, the yachts are quite big for a sail boat and you can very comfortably live in these yachts all year long. Let's have a look at them.

Athos is a real classics sailboat who has a overall length of 62 meters. She was built in Holland in 2010 by Andre Hoek. The photos show the master cabin which is situated on the aft of the boat with a private entrance.

Lamima is a 65 m long sailboat who was built in 2010 With a beam of 11 meters, this ketch has 14 guest capacity. The boat charters around Thailand and the style of the area is kind of reflected on the interiors as well. 

This is Seahawk, a 60m boat built by Perini Navi. The 6 guest cabins are quite spacious and have a modern touch as the one in the photo above.

The last photo is from a beauty created by Perini Navi again. The rustic details and the loose furniture do add a lot in the aura of the cabin. Although you feel you are in a yacht, somehow you also would feel like you are in your summer house at the same time.