Wednesday, January 28, 2015


We are used to seeing white or shades of blue in the bathrooms. Those are the colors preferred for they remind the hygiene, neatness, cleanness...
But have a look at the photos below, which belong to bright shiny colored bathrooms. I believe you will get a new perspective to this subject after that...

Too bright, no? The shiny wall and floors are diffusing all the light that comes thru the windows. 

The paint directly applied on the material which looks like to be concrete or may be brick. You can still feel the texture under the paint. The redness gives the feeling of warmth, so when you soak into this bath, you will feel like you are in a sauna!

Another green bathroom here. Unlike the first one, the tiles give a break to the intensity of the color and also the wood enhances the same effect.

One of my favorite among all. Who would imagine that gray would be a perfect color for a bathroom? This must be the overall style of the house actually but the self standing wash basin of this style, with the lighting fixture on top makes a great combination.

unknown source

Don't you also think that this is adorable? The clever use of black and white is just a perfect match with the bright yellow on the wall.

unknown source

Changing not the color but only the size of the tile that we are using on the floor and the wall, might sometimes create a lovely effect as in here. Using gray here has been highly effective because they make the ordinary white toilet and the bathtup pop out in a good way!