Monday, December 15, 2014


Are you a fan of attics like me? Do you like those angled ceilings where you might hit your head constantly? Still, you think they are very adorable places, no?
Bedrooms are a great fit for attics actually. You can place the bed under the lower part of the ceiling, where it's not possible to stand up straight; and they are generally away from the noise and are quiet places...

Don't you also love the country style of this cabin? This place actually looks like a cabin itself rather than the attic of a building.

The beautiful construction of the ceiling is exposed very nicely again. And here, the flooring is also just so perfect.

Yes I would like to spend time in this attic! The brick walls and the wooden ceiling are just a great combination.

The stripes of wood on the wall do emphasize the white ceiling very nicely.

The bunk bed is a great idea to fit in a room like this. You can make the most of the space with this layout for sure. 

Rustic in raw wood and pale blue shades with touches of white. The room has a style on its own and please pay attention to the bed base!

The construction itself is appealing enough!

The window that is placed in the angular wall is just so cute. You are sure that the first thing you see from your bed is the blue sky as soon as you open your eyes!

This would be my favorite attic I presume. Don't you agree?