Thursday, November 13, 2014


You can of course have the shelves stacked on top of each other, that is a solution.
However, you can also add some flavor in this design and put some creativeness in these flat-to-be surfaces.
Let's see some of these ideas below!

Is that a problem to fit the long items in the shelves? Well, not anymore. Just fold the shelf aside and fit your goods inside! 

The shelves that have the flower pots integrated inside!

This is a brilliant design. The book stand is integrated into the shelf itself. And its definite that the book stand will not fall down with the weight of the books that it holds.

These shelves are made out of rubber. The only important detail is that the things that you put in them must be quite bigger, so they can be kind of squeezed in between the two shelves.

Isn't this just so nice? Why should the shelves finish as the wall surface finishes? They can keep on going, no?

These shelves may be quite ordinary but the way to connect them to the wall is so much fun and creative.