Monday, May 26, 2014


Yes they do absorb the light, but the color gray, definitely creates a wonderful background to a space. Let's check the examples.

A graphic is a very cool idea to be applied on a wall like this!

Two examples for the matching colors used with the wall and the sofa. They blend with each other and create a soft atmosphere.

The sofa that is exactly the same color as the wall paint is the focal point in this room. But the red 9 is definitely eye catching!

A bluish gray, perfect color for a bedroom.

A softer tone of the color adds a volume to the room. The wood furniture is definitely popping out in front of this color. 

Lazy people, let's take your seat in front of this fireplace and sink into these lovely leather armchairs.

Isn't it a great idea to paint only one wall to a different color, in this case to gray? Because its an alcove, this color creates a deeper effect?