Friday, June 28, 2013


It had been long forgotten, the joy of soaking inside the hot tub at home! That spa-like experience has left its place to quick showers long ago. 
That's actually good for saving water, but still even only as a decorational object, the tubs are just amazing!

Doesn't it look like a statue? It is next to a wall but almost in the middle of the room, and the floor type faucet is used, with a focal light on top...So everything is so well organized and designed. But it's definitely not so inviting...

I bet you can see yourself falling asleep inside this tub. The colored light that will be emitted from the wide windows will definitely create a dreamy atmosphere in this bathroom.

So classical, so classy, so westerny! A barrel turned into a tub, standing on one corner of the room...

Why not go for copper for the tub? It will keep the water and you warm forever! And wow, this piece is also monumental. Also it had been a great idea to surround this piece with white marble all around.

A standard tub covered with wood panels, which are continued on the back wall as well. This makes the tub look like it had popped out of this wall. And it is also a clever way to turn the style in to a more rustic one...