Monday, April 22, 2013


I fell in love with a 28 year old beauty!
There have been many boats that I longed to own till today, but none of them inspired me as much as "Inspiration".

L.S., the captain of the boat and the broker form Dahm International walked us around the boat explaining every (rounded!) corner into detail; in whose eyes you can witness the love and respect he has for this beautiful boat. 

This beauty, whose overall length is 22m with 5.75m beam length is built by Jongert in Netherlands, designed by Ron Holland. The building material of the boat is aluminum whose displacement is 35 tonnes. She has two guest, one master and one crew cabin with a multi functional saloon and galley.

It is so visible in Lukas's eyes, how he adores this boat and I can only totally agree with him. The extremely well use of space, peculiarly thought tiny little details, lovely craftsmanship made me want to hide in the bilge of this boat to sail whereever she goes to...
I could have done this only if she wasn't to leave before one week...

There are some very important features which were great inventions of her time. 
Such as the first use of a stern hatch to  serve as a garage to store the tender; tunnel in the bilge area to stowage the sails during a regatta and use of electrical winches with automatic steering gear were inventions ahead of her time.

The interior areas also just speak for themselves. The double master cabin bed that can seperate into two single beds on sliders, (which were built 28 years ago), the folding ladder on the floor to reach the escape hatch, the electrically expanding table in the saloon with a beautiful rounded shape, the removable fixed-stools in front of the galley wall which is operated up and down...       

I am not talking about the lovely craftsmanship that I would be watching for hours sitting in the leather sofa in the saloon, by the way.

I do not want to say that but "Inspiration" is for sale. I hope and am sure only the ones who can value her would buy this beauty and she would be sailing around the globe for many more years...

...and most of all, I deeply hope that someday I can also sail her... :)

This is a rare kind of boat, whose personality and history you can feel and visualize the moment you step on board and smell the scent of all the waves that hit over her strong hull for many years.