Tuesday, October 2, 2012


It's mainly the small details that give the overall effect in an area. And especially in the kitchen, we have tons of different apparels that are constantly used, which means that they are exposed in the kitchen most of the time. 
So it is always a good idea to have the kitchenware that we like! 

The corks from your wine bottles, do you collect and make use out of them? They are heat resistant, they look nice and they are water resistant as well. Why not make the most out of these little pieces?

This basin, isn't it just so cool? Looks like a giant soup bowl, isn't it?

Big glass bottles with ropes around them, a marine look and its harder to break them!

The napkins that have a small piece of fabric of a different color used to wrap them around... Simple, yet so lovely.

The colors and the patterns are just so lovely. Even just a small detail in a corner enhances the whole looks.

This plate is my fave! You will want to finish your food quickly so you can see the patterns...

This little plate shall go up on the wall, as a decoration.

The country style of this kitchen is just awesome. The lamp, the big raw wood table and the wickerwork baskets are so lovely.

Again some more wickerwork baskets. They are great to keep the potatoes or onions. 

Old style of basin, a huge ceramic one sitting in the wood countertop.