Friday, June 22, 2012


If you want your living room to be filled with sunlight, you definitely shall use light colors as in the examples below.

These big openings add a lot to the atmosphere of the room, but the smooth colors used do go great with the character as well.

The fireplace gives warmth and a good level of coziness to the room. But since the upholstery used are light colors with a good balance of wood accents; the place doesn't feel like a winter house this way...

The pictures on the wall look like they were created for this area only. The study desk is also quite outstanding, this nice wooden furniture is emphasized by the light colors. 

Another calming living area. The wide painting on the wall gives depth to the saloon.

Using long curtains is a trick to make the ceiling look higher than it is. With a dark colored floor, the colors gets lighter as they go upwards in the saloon. This creates a calming and refreshing atmosphere.