Friday, September 9, 2011


Kitchens of white, they recall the pureness, cleanness and simplicity. Well from another point of view, its also quite difficult to keep them clean and neat as well! 

desire to inspire

The wooden floor is also a white bleached type of wood. The marble counters, white lacquer painted furniture, they all go in harmony with each other. 
The only problem is, whenever you have only one or two objects on the counter, the place will look messy right away! 

design files

The wood panelling does look astonishing underneath this white granite huge counter, isn't it?

armas design

With a more rustic touch, this white kitchen does not have the risk of being messy with some stuff lying around!

black eiffel

The dark colored parquet flooring creates a nice contrast with the furniture.

black eiffel

black eiffel

black eiffel

black eiffel

black eiffel



my gingerbread house

 kaynak bilinmiyor

patterson maker

a pina colada



seesaw designs

style files

A lovely detail for the cupboard knobs. They are safe, rustic and aesthetic.