Monday, August 15, 2011


Home offices are very popular. Actually even if it is not an office, we still have some study areas to put our laptop, notebooks, etc. And sometimes we share those areas with a family member or a friend. Let's have a look at some examples. 

april and may

Two people working together on both ends of a table. I like the table here, it doesn't have drawers but has holes for small stuff. The shapes of the legs and the color of the top is very interesting as well.

april and may

A small corner table, can also be used as a small dining area. It's a cute corner for two-three people.


Lovely study desk in front of the wide window. The shelves are adequate, as well as the lighting...

design sponge

A more like a hobby desk, this area has a more romantic style. Simple, minimal and inviting.

Under this ceiling, on top of this wooden floor, any furniture would look great!


Apparently this photo belongs to an office, a very well decorated one. Nothing excess!

unknown source

The shapes and bold colors create the overall design idea here.
design files

Painting stuff while the others are watching tv, in the saloon of the house...Nice arrangement!