Monday, January 3, 2011


Do you also feel sorry for the solid wood furniture? Do you think that they were once huge green trees and now lying dead on the floor? 
Well I do most of the time but it is ridiculous. Since there are enormous regulations for growing and cutting the trees for industrial use. As long as the rules are applied, don't worry about this issue!

Blok Furniture

Hudson Furniture

I feel so sorry for this table actually. It looks to be like one piece and cannot imagine how tall a tree this was! But the outcome is really impressive.

Hudson Furniture

Just cut it flat, and you have the best seating unit! 


Bended wood is put it such a nice form to create a lamp. As it is with the next one. However it looks very delicate since the heat of the lamp will damage the product in no time. Still, a nice object to look at and a very creative use of the material.

Mamma Lampa

Bended wood plies are used to create lamp shades!



These two objects are created by a talented design office named Yalos is placed in Turkey and they are designing beautiful objects like this from the wood pieces they find on the shores. A lovely idea, must-have products.

Brent Comber

To get the wood shape as a smooth globe like this is really a hard work. But the beauty that comes out of it is amazing. You simply watch the veins of life.

Brent Comber
Isn't this a great artwork! Lovely...